Terms & Conditions

As one of the website users at TSG Car Bazar, you have to read all our Terms and Conditions. It is legally an agreement between TSG Car Bazar and our website users. That is why we have clearly revealed all our T&Cs.

T&Cs for the used car sellers and buyers

Our company will provide all the used car sellers a platform for advertising their cars and displaying their vehicle images for a particular amount of time. We also publish the relevant content on these used cars.

We have the rights of limiting your website access temporarily for any type of technical reason, including the website maintenance and server integrity. Our company is not liable for the performance standard of any car, listed on TSG Car Bazar.

To use our website for selling car, you have to represent yourself as one of the private sellers. You must also make sure that your age is minimum 18 years of age.

You have to assume the risk and liability for using any part of our site. Any user-generated content at our site represents the authors’ views and not the views of our company. Thus, you have to use this content at your risk.


Under any circumstance (lawsuits, natural calamity or communication technology issue), TSG Car Bazar may not follow all its obligations. You must not claim anything against TSG Car Bazar under these circumstances.


All information, data, company logos, images and programs of ads, placed at our site are always subject to legal copyright rules. We do not permit its processing by any third party. The copyright related to any promoted car is the resource of advertiser.

Termination of rights

Without any notice to you, we can terminate the use of our site or restrict your access for any reason. Some common reasons include- violation of Agreement, legal request, our own decision, security issues and fraudulent activities.

We have the rights of altering our T&Cs at any time.