Certified Used Cars for Sell in Delhi NCR

Have you thought of selling your old car at a good price? You may have become bored of driving your old vehicle. Now, what would you do with the old car after buying a new one? There is no need of turning it into a junk piece. Your old car may also give you value in a different way. Sell your used car and earn from it.
It may be for the first time you are selling your second-hand car. Never worry of the selling process. We have created this platform to help you in selling your Pre-owned cars in Delhi NCR.

Few clicks to sell your car

Upload your car photo, relevant details and then set your used car price. These few steps will enable you to become one of the successful used car dealers in Delhi NCR.
Use our online portal to sell your vehicle. You can avoid investing on the costly ads to promote your second-hand cars. Our digital platform is the best option to you to earn profit from selling the car. While you are relying on the offline advertisements, you will be able to reach very limited number of potential customers. However, through our online site, you may make a deal with a customer from any place. We believe that you can sell your used car within a very short time.

Seller Benefits

► Best price

► Transparent evaluation process

► Assurance of your car going in to the right hand

► Clean documentation

► No hidden cost

► Fast & full payment

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The Sachdev Group used cuss the country s preferred used car mart and is India's only organized multi-brand player, with 500+ outlets in 270+ cities in India.The company plans to expand this number